Niall Horan got a tattoo?

A photo of One Direction’s Niall Horan has been circulating, with a very suspiscious mark on his upper forearm. See below

Now, if like me, you assumed it was an odd scribbling that possible read “Liam’s property” then you are wrong. It, in fact, is a tattoo which reads “Stay True”. Now, whether this tattoo is real or not, remains to be seen.
However, there’s only one picture so things are a little suspicious right now!

If it is real, then i can only say this- It was definitely inspired by Demi Lovato’s tatts which read “Stay Strong” Nawsies, they would make a cute couple. The question is, do you think its real?

Love always,



  1. Amy

    Honestly it’s weird I don’t think it’s weird though

    • Amy


  2. Sierra

    The Tattoo Says It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly.

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